Top 5 Ideas to Treat plantar fasciitis at home

Treating plantar fasciitis at home

What is plantar fasciitis? it is a an irritation of the connected tissue  at the bottom of the foot all the connected tissue  runs from the bottom of your heel bone all the way into your toes can cause pain in the arch  or in the heel  bone .
Can be a real chronic problem so today I will discuss with you a few things you can do to help heal yourself at home: 

1-the first thing I would recommend is using the ICE which is really important to decrease inflammation is to use ice packs.
Top 5 Ideas to Treat plantar fasciitis at home
Wrapped around your plantar fasciitis affected foot with an ice bandage, and set about 10 minutes with ice on your foot, the next thing which is very important concerning plantar fasciitis is stretching, but not only the plantar fasciitis but also stretching the calves .one of the main causes of the plantar fasciitis can be a tight calf muscle, so you will need to stretch your calf one way or another.

2-Second solution is to take an OPTP Stretch Out Strap  and hook it around your foot and gently pool until your foot is pointing back your toes are pointing back toward your nose and hold this position you can do this a couple times a day it is a very great way yo stretch your calves without any problem. 
Top 5 Ideas to Treat plantar fasciitis at home

3- Third way to stretch you calves is while you sleep, by using a Night Splint you sleep with it on the effective foot and it keeps your foot in a felx position.
Top 5 Ideas to Treat plantar fasciitis at home

4- Forth Solution is to stretch your calf is to stand up on a step and drop your heel below the actual level of the step and press into that stretch and hold it you don’t bounce it you just let is stretch.

Another thing you can do for your plantar fasciitis is to get your foot into the wall and lean into the wall that is going to stretch the bottom do it couple times a day hold the stretch and avoid bouncing in order to get the most out of these exercises.

Top 5 Ideas to Treat plantar fasciitis at home

 5-The last thing you want to do is to use a foot roller and porcupine massage ball  
Take the massage ball and get it into the bottom of the foot and roll it around it is not comfortable but it does work effectively .
Take foot roller , Roll it back and forth do it for 3 to 5 minutes do not over do it , to make it more effective ice your foot directly after you this type of a self massage.

Top 5 Ideas to Treat plantar fasciitis at home
So there you go, now you have so many Home treatments for your plantar fasciitis to chose from , make sure to do this on a daily basis to get the most out of them .

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